Sinteco Special Hygiene ★★★

Sinteco’s Special Hygiene Air Cleaner was first designed in 2015 for the distribution of filtered air in processing rooms (of all sizes). The unit is completely made of TIG welded stainless-steel (casing, fans and accessories), with possibility of installation inside the processing rooms.

Product Specifications

In addition to the general product specifications of Sinteco AHU ★★★:

  • Material of construction: TIG welded stainless-steel

  • Optional insulation for the unit with injected polyurethane

  • Different grades of filtration – from F7 to H13

  • High efficiency fan (exclusively plug-fan-type)

  • Double sloped bottom surface and rounded inner corners to facilitate elimination of waste liquids after washing/cleaning

  • Suitable for strong and frequent washing with foam-based cleaning systems even at high temperatures

  • Suitable for re-use