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Sinteco AERPAN® (Panel Air Ducts)

A new solution for air distribution by Sinteco. Following extensive research and development to address some disadvantages associated with hard metallic (insulated) ducting, AERPAN® becomes the third type of air distribution solution under Sinteco HYGIENE®.

Being already touted by multiple markets across the world as a hygienic way to transport clean air into process spaces, AERPAN® could be the solution your manufacturing/processing facility is looking for, especially with respect to outdoor ducting (including roof-tops) in high hygiene applications.

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COVID-19 – Impact on Process Industries

Much has been said about the pandemic, the world has been experiencing for over 6 months now. It is an unfortunate calamity that has befallen upon humanity and it must be the responsibility of each one us to take the necessary precautions to defeat the virus. On an organizational level, Sinteco has tried to do its part by extrapolating on the concept of Sinteco HYGIENE® that has been fundamental to the Air Treatment & Distribution systems manufactured for over four decades now.

It has been a welcoming opportunity for Sinteco to make a difference on an industrial level at least as far as process industries like food, veterinary and pharma are concerned. We take this opportunity to present to you, a whitepaper about Sinteco’s interpretation of the impacts of COVID-19 and some ways to mitigate the consequential challenges for the process industries.