Sinteco’s Aermet (welded stainless-steel ducts) is the metallic air duct system that was developed in the ’90s. It is used for the distribution of air inside large production rooms, especially for the ones that produce food products having low shelf life and are sensitive to changes in the surrounding environmental conditions. Sinteco’s Aermet (welded stainless-steel ducts) has been carefully designed to ensure the internal surfaces can be cleaned easily. It is ideal for Food, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors where there is requirement for maximum hygiene levels.

Product Specifications

  • Completely welded product inside and outside
  • Suitable for easy and strong washing
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Absence of any protective coating
  • Compactness of the non-porous surface
  • High bacteria removal during cleaning cycles
  • Low bacteria retentiveness after cleaning cycles
  • Types of insulation – preferably sprayed polyurethane (or other suitable materials)
  • External finishing of insulation with Aluminium or Stainless Steel sheets