Sinteco Special Hygiene ★★★

Sinteco’s Special Hygiene ★★★ was first designed in the ’80s for the distribution of clean air in processing rooms (of all sizes) particularly to satisfy the needs of the cheese seasoning industry where there is need of low temperature and high humidity (e.g. 4°C, 98% RH). Sinteco’s Hygiene ★★★ is made of high thickness TIG welded stainless-steel. The unit is completely made of stainless-steel (casing, fans, coils and accessories) and is possible to wash by CIP.

Product Specifications

  • Material of construction: TIG welded stainless-steel

  • Coils completely made of stainless-steel – tube and fin

  • High efficiency fan (exclusively plug-fan-type)

  • Internal air is cleaned with sprayed water

  • Low retention of bacteria

  • Suitable for strong and frequent washing by CIP or with foam-based cleaning systems even at high temperatures

  • Suitable for re-use