Sinteco’s Aertex® is the textile air duct system that was developed in 1986. It is used for the distribution of air inside large production rooms, especially for the ones that produce food products having low shelf life and are sensitive to changes in the surrounding environmental conditions.

Product Specifications

  • Material of construction: 100% polyester (can be changed based on request); other properties include air pressure resistance, micro-porous surface to control air diffusion levels, Class 1 Fire certification, easy washing, quick drying and optional insulation
  • Uniform distribution of air across large areas
  • Mounting accessories made of stainless-steel for higher durability and prevention of corrosion
  • Customizable shapes and colours
  • Air distribution controlled by turn-key systems
  • Highly competitive costs compared to traditional metallic or polyurethane ducts
  • Easy to handle
  • Zero noise pollution in the working floors
  • Can be mounted on any kind of ceiling material given the low weight of the ducts and accessories
  • Possibility of modifying the duct lines while operations are in progress