To facilitate easy washability and improve structural stability, Sinteco engineered a new solution by using monolithic panels, curbs and a specific metallic structure to build a new model of clean room. Since then, Sinteco prefabricated structures came into existence and it found applications in multiple industries. A typical Sinteco prefabricated structure is composed of the following components:

  1. Support Curbs
  2. Metallic Structure
  3. Monolithic Panels


Support Curbs

Product Specifications

  • Material of construction: stainless-steel AISI 304L
  • Straight curbs
  • Special Parts including curves, round pillars and other specific shapes (integrated with frame of doors)
  • Various protection systems to avoid panel damage


Metallic Structure

Product Specifications

  • Material of construction: bars stainless-steel AISI 304L
  • Laser welded structure
  • Different shape based on room dimensions
  • Anti-seismic design


Monolithic Panels

Product Specifications

  • Material of construction: polyester and/or styrofoam
  • Panels integrated with lights, windows, doors and air distribution plenum
  • Special ceiling panel