In addition to the machinery and other equipment, Sinteco also has a variety of production plant utilities and accessories as part of the portfolio.



Automation and Controls

Product Specifications

  • PLC monitoring systems to control hygro-thermal parameters in air conditioning systems
  • PLC monitoring systems to control processing lines in pasteurization, cooking and cooling machinery
  • Siemens, Allen Bradley and Sauter manufactured PLCs with OS code written by Sinteco’s technical team



Refrigeration and Heating Systems

Product Specifications

  • Installation of heating and cooling systems for process plants with piping and regulation group



Belt Conveyors

Product Specifications

  • All configurations of belt conveyors including angle and velocity of movement
  • Material of construction – plastic or stainless-steel
  • Conveyors integrated with motors of variable capacities based on requirement
  • Hygienic construction



Monolithic Floors

Product Specifications

  • Prefabricated Insulated Floor (PIF) is made of TIG welded stainless-steel and insulated with sprayed polyurethane
  • PIF can be installed over the existing floor without need for civil works
  • PIFs that are installed over the existing floor in low temperature cold rooms are included with a heating system to avoid freezing (and hence expansion) of the floor
  • Since PIF is modular, it can be used in rooms of multiple sizes to obtain a monolithic structure
  • The perimeter of the PIF integrates the curbs for easy installation of panels



Stainless-Steel Wall/Panel Protectors

Product Specifications

  • Curbs of customizable shapes and sizes to support panels, protect walls and to facilitate easy washing