Core Pasteurizer

Sinteco’s Coretex is used for pasteurization of packaged food products. It employs a continuous heat transfer mechanism by heating/cooking and cooling the food product at its core. Sinteco’s Coretex has been carefully designed to meet the regulatory demands of the sector and has been utilized for cooked foods such as sausages.

Product Specifications

  • Scalable throughput for a variety of packaged goods (for shelf-stable and products with delicate shelf-life) during the cooking/pasteurization process
  • Temperature and capacity control through a double IN/OUT continuous weighing system with Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System according to desired output levels
  • High-efficiency heat exchangers with low ΔT between the inlet and outlet, which reduce thermal staying times and achieve uniform heating of the product using water spraying system, while allowing for maximum energy efficiency
  • An integrated and compact system due to the superimposition of heating unit above cooling unit
  • Intermediate hysteresis phase and evaporative pre-cooling chamber
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • Highly efficient dripping system
  • AISI 316L Monolithic Tanks (heating and cooling units), insulated without thermal bridge
  • Turnkey systems, equipped with thermal exchange groups, variable multi-track belt feeders and all necessary controls and utilities