Formatex – Cheese Seasoning Unit

Sinteco’s Formatex is used for fresh cheese (e.g. Crescenza) or for seasoning cheese with short seasoning time (e.g. Gorgonzola). It is also used to maintain low temperatures of 4 – 8°C and high humidity of 95 – 98% RH (e.g. in rooms storing/handling shell fish).

*For other types of cheese (e.g. Grana, Taleggio, Provolone), Sinteco AHU ★★ or Sinteco AHU ★★★ is used

Product Specifications

  • Suitable Air Handling Unit built completely in stainless-steel (casing, coils, fans and other accessories)
  • Perfect control of Temperature and Humidity between 4°C and 98% RH to 17°C and 75% RH
  • Air filtration through water spraying
  • Indoor air quality controlled (especially NH3 and CO2)
  • Suitable for easy washing by CIP system
  • Air distribution systems with textile ducts (Sinteco Aertex)