Food Processor and Pasteurizer

Sinteco’s Nastrosteamex is used for cooking and pasteurizing of unpackaged food products. It employs a heat transfer mechanism by using steam for heating/cooking the food product. Sinteco’s Nastrosteamex has been carefully designed to meet the regulatory demands of the sector and has been utilized for various unpackaged foods such as fresh pasta and pet food.

Product Specifications

  • Scalable throughput for a variety of unpackaged goods (for shelf-stable and products with delicate shelf-life) during the cooking/pasteurization process
  • Temperature control with Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System according to desired output levels
  • Uniform steam distribution through the machine’s sections
  • Integrated drying system with hot air at T and RH control
  • Insulated heating unit
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • AISI 316L Monolithic Heating Unit insulated without thermal bridge
  • Option of plastic or stainless-steel belts
  • Suitable for easy washing
  • Turnkey systems equipped with all necessary controls and utilities