Sinteco’s AHU for Processing Air Conditioning Plants was first designed in the ’90s for the distribution of clean air in production rooms (of all sizes) particularly to satisfy the needs of the food industry. Made of monolithic polyurethane/polyester panels and stainless-steel, Sinteco AHU ★★ has higher quality/price ratio compared to other similar products in the market and it is ideal for the food industry where there is need for hygienic process conditions with low levels of bacterial retentiveness.

Product Specifications

  • Material of construction: polyurethane/polyester, internal supports in stainless-steel

  • Machine base included, without need for support systems

  • High thickness with rounded inner corners and seamless monolithic sandwich walls for enhanced performance and durability

  • High level of hygiene, low bacterial retentiveness

  • Electrical connections between motor and electrical box (regulation groups)
  • No condensation due to absence of a thermal bridge

  • Safety interlock on fan door
  • (Optional) single sloped bottom surface to allow the elimination of condensate and waste liquids after washing/cleaning

  • Included with internal lighting
  • Suitable for frequent washing with foam based low pressure cleaning systems

  • Suitable for re-use