If you happened to be at the Messe Frankfurt during the last week, you must have come across the Classic Red Ferrari. Not the car, but a certain machine displayed by us. Presenting to you, the Ferrari of Air Handling Units, the Sinteco Hygienic AHU ★★★.



The hundreds that visited booth E80 in hall 9.0 had the opportunity to witness Sinteco’s high end Air Conditioning and Distribution Systems in action. Flashing a dashing red, our AHU was generating clean air at the rate of 3500m3/hr and the ones that visited it opened their mouths in excitement and enthusiasm. Our AHU stopped even visitors that had no business with it; and language was no barrier either. “What is this machine? Looks so advanced!”


Sinteco had the pleasure of explaining all the gallant machines it had on display. When visitors heard the basic specifications of Air Handling Units with control on temperature, pressure, humidity and filtration, they were surprised to say the least. Further, when meat processing companies and ready to eat meat companies heard that Sinteco also manufactured pasteurization lines, they were happy to have found a one stop shop for all their requirements. From all corners of the world, they came in search for solutions but ended up finding all in one stand – SINTECO.


The tailor-made solutions by Sinteco made us a rather interesting prospect for meat processing companies. One of the biggest objectives of the meat processing companies visiting the fair was to understand the sizes and capacities of the Air Conditioning & Distribution Systems and Food Processing & Preservation Systems on offer. Being in the planning stages, they wanted to adapt their production process based on the machinery. It was a pleasant surprise for the visitors when they understood that NONE of the machines manufactured by Sinteco was standard machines. All machines are made to order, based on the specifications presented by the customer. With a competent engineering team, the fact that Sinteco was also involved in the basic and detailed engineering, the visitors were delighted. Sinteco even had visitors from the vegetable process industry despite the ‘meat’ exhibition.


All in all, Sinteco had an extraordinary fair and takes this opportunity to thank all the visitors.